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Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern

Here is an easy crochet heart pattern for Valentine’s Day! This is a great pattern if you want to perfect your magic circle skills. I have included some hints that might be helpful if you are new to crocheting. I hope you enjoy this free pattern.

Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

Finished Size: Width 1 ¼ inches Height 1 inch

Yarn: Lion Brand Yarn “Bonbons” in Beach

Hook: 3.5mm E hook

Notions: Yarn Needle

  • There is just one round in this pattern
  • After you make your magic circle make sure you secure it with a very tight slip stitch, then chain 3
  • All of your stitches are worked into your magic circle
  • I keep my magic circle small, about the size of my pointer finger
  • It helps to push your stitches together after you do a few and keep your stitches tight and close together
  • After your last ch3, I start to close my magic circle, by pulling my starting yarn, just around 80% and you will see the heart shape start to form, then you do your last slip stitch into the center of your magic circle
  • Now it is time to finish closing your magic circle, the last 20%, by pulling the starting yarn tight and now you will see the complete heart shape form
  • Now finish off, to do this, yarn over, pull your yarn through, cut the yarn and weave in both ends.
  • To shape the heart, I flatten out the lobes and push together and pull a little on the bottom point.

List of Abbreviations:

yo= yarn over                       wrap yarn over hook
sl st = slip stitch                 insert hook into circle, yo, pull through circle and the loop on the hook
ch = chain                             yo, pull through loop on hook
dc = double crochet           yo, insert hook in circle, yo, pull up loop through circle (3 loops on hook), yo pull  through 2 loops, yo pull through last 2 loops on hook
tr = treble crochet               yo 2 times, insert hook in circle, yo, pull up loop through circle (4 loops on hook), yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through last 2 loops on hook



Begin with magic circle
Rnd1: ch3, 3tr, 3dc, ch1, 1tr, ch1, 3dc, 3tr, ch3. sl st into magic circle. Close your magic circle tight and finish off.


Special thanks to Angie from https://www.etsy.com/shop/angiehcrochet for testing my pattern.



The word of the day is Amigurumi

Have you ever tried making an Amigurumi?

You might be saying, “What’s that?”

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheted dolls.

I found this  little book titled, “Learn to Crochet Toys” by Ida Herter and I fell in love with her designs. She gives easy step-by-step instructions for 4 adorable amigurumi projects. In addition, she has several “tips & hints” throughout her instructions that really helped me learn all the precise techniques involved with completing an Amigurumi project.


I have a special little cousin, we call her Baby M, who just turned 2. I have made her two of the amigurumi projects from this book.

Last summer, I made her “Lu Lu the Panda”. I made Lu Lu with Lily Sugar ‘n Cream 100% cotton yarn and used a 3.75mm hook.

First, I made all her body parts. That was a piece of cake! The trickiest part was sewing the various pieces together. I carefully whipstitched the face, ears and the bow onto her head. You use the photos in the book as a guide to show you exactly where they should be placed. Then I whipstitch her head on to her body. Finally, one by one, I placed her arms and legs on her body and whipstitch them in place.

I was so intrigued with this challenging finishing process that I stayed up so so late that night putting Lu Lu together. I loved watching her come to life during this process, although it took much longer than I ever imagined. When Lu Lu is all put together she stands about 10” tall and she is absolutely darling. I am told that Baby M loves Lu Lu and she sleeps with her.


Next on my list to make was “Morty the Monkey” for Baby M’s 2nd birthday. Morty is also made with Lily Sugar ‘n Cream 100% cotton yarn and a 3.75mm hook. He is made up of stripes so I quickly became an expert at changing colors.

When it came to putting Morty together, I set up a meeting with my amazing crochet teacher Angie. Angie is my crochet “guru” who taught me how to crochet. She is always there to help and I love when she shares her vast knowledge of crochet with me. Angie is very talented when it comes to both knitting and crocheting. I was so very proud of her when she won 1st place for her Christmas Chess Set in the 2011 Vanna Choice Yarn Contest. Here is the link:  (Be sure to scroll down to the “Gifts & Crafts Category”)

Here is a photo of Morty all in pieces ready to be finished.


First, we had to connect the face to the head. This next picture shows one of Angie’s tricks for attaching the face to the head. These long pins were brilliant for holding the eye patch in place. We carefully positioned the safety eyes and pushed them through the eye patch and through the head and attached the back part. This step takes some real strength.


Next we whipstitched the eye patch, snout and the ears to the head creating a sweet monkey face. Finally, we attached the arms, legs and his tail. Isn’t he cute? We had a wonderful time putting this adorable monkey together.


Morty the Monkey by Cali Crochet

All I can say is, Baby M get ready for Bruce the Dinosaur and Bernard the Dragonfly!

Baby M kissing Lu Lu the Panda

Baby M kissing Lu Lu the Panda


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