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Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern

Here is an easy crochet heart pattern for Valentine’s Day! This is a great pattern if you want to perfect your magic circle skills. I have included some hints that might be helpful if you are new to crocheting. I hope you enjoy this free pattern.

Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern

Skill Level: Easy

Finished Size: Width 1 ¼ inches Height 1 inch

Yarn: Lion Brand Yarn “Bonbons” in Beach

Hook: 3.5mm E hook

Notions: Yarn Needle

  • There is just one round in this pattern
  • After you make your magic circle make sure you secure it with a very tight slip stitch, then chain 3
  • All of your stitches are worked into your magic circle
  • I keep my magic circle small, about the size of my pointer finger
  • It helps to push your stitches together after you do a few and keep your stitches tight and close together
  • After your last ch3, I start to close my magic circle, by pulling my starting yarn, just around 80% and you will see the heart shape start to form, then you do your last slip stitch into the center of your magic circle
  • Now it is time to finish closing your magic circle, the last 20%, by pulling the starting yarn tight and now you will see the complete heart shape form
  • Now finish off, to do this, yarn over, pull your yarn through, cut the yarn and weave in both ends.
  • To shape the heart, I flatten out the lobes and push together and pull a little on the bottom point.

List of Abbreviations:

yo= yarn over                       wrap yarn over hook
sl st = slip stitch                 insert hook into circle, yo, pull through circle and the loop on the hook
ch = chain                             yo, pull through loop on hook
dc = double crochet           yo, insert hook in circle, yo, pull up loop through circle (3 loops on hook), yo pull  through 2 loops, yo pull through last 2 loops on hook
tr = treble crochet               yo 2 times, insert hook in circle, yo, pull up loop through circle (4 loops on hook), yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through 2 loops, yo pull through last 2 loops on hook



Begin with magic circle
Rnd1: ch3, 3tr, 3dc, ch1, 1tr, ch1, 3dc, 3tr, ch3. sl st into magic circle. Close your magic circle tight and finish off.


Special thanks to Angie from https://www.etsy.com/shop/angiehcrochet for testing my pattern.



Happy New Year 2017


I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Here’s to a year filled with good health, happiness and peace!

Bailey Celebrating 2017!

Bailey Celebrating 2017!


I made Baileys’ festive party hat in one evening.  I used “Sugar’ n Cream cotton yarn from Lily and my favorite 5mm clover crochet hook.

Thank you mamachee crochet patterns for the free “Crochet Party Hat Pattern”.  You can find it here: http://mamachee.com/2011/05/06/crochet-party-hat-crochet-pattern/



The Moogly 2015 Crochet-a-long has begun!

I am so excited to say that I joined my first crochet-a-long! WooHoo!!

Thanks to Tamara Kelly from MooglyBlog.com for taking the time to put together this amazing crochet-a-long afghan project for 2015. Tamara got together 24 awesome crochet bloggers and each of them designed a 12″ block crochet pattern for this crochet-a-long.

Every two weeks, Tamara will post a pattern for the next 12″ block. After the 24 blocks are completed, you can then put them together to create your own unique afghan. Brilliant idea Tamara!

Read more at:


I’m using a new yarn for this project that I have never used before. It’s made by Lion Brand Yarns and named “Heartland”.  I chose Acadia, Yellowstone, Yosemite and Sequoia as my four colors. The colors remind me of the natural colors in our world and the changing colors of leaves. I’m using a 5.0 H clover hook. I tend to crochet loosely so I went down in my hook size. My finished square came out to be about 11″. Once  blocked, the square measured 12″.   I’m happy with the result so I’m going to crochet on!

Lion brand Yarns      "Heartland"

Lion brand Yarns

The first block is titled, “Tamara’s Kismet Square” and it was designed by Jessie Rayot. Thank you Jessie,  from Jessie At Home,  for writing a clear challenging pattern where you explained in detail how to make the Jacob’s Ladder stitch. It was a new stitch for me and I love it!


Here is a photo of  my completed first block here:

Tamara's Kismet Square    Block #1

Tamara’s Kismet Square
Block #1

I’m so looking forward to Block #2!

Thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to come back again.

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