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Spring is Full of Crocheted African Flowers !




Crochet African Flowers

Cali Crochet African Flowers


These are my  African Flowers to celebrate the first day of Spring 2014!


I crocheted these sweet flowers with a 3.75mm (F)  hook and they are made with this  soft 100% cotton  Bonbon Yarn from Lion Brand Yarn in “Beach”.




Bonbon Yarn from Lion Brand Yarn in “Beach”



The Bonbon yarn comes in a package with eight little skeins of  cotton yarn in eight different colors.

I used orange, yellow and teal for my flowers.

This package is perfect for all kinds projects with color changes like flowers and small amigurumi projects.





Cali Crochet African Flowers



Lion Brand Yarn makes other Bonbon yarn packages and another one with great colors is called “Nature”.

Here is the Lion Brand Yarn pattern  and a picture for this little  frog I crocheted from the “Nature”  package.





Amigurumi Frog from Lion Brand Pattern

“A little Madness in the Spring

Is wholesome even for the King”

Emily Dickinson



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St. Patrick’s Day Crochet Shamrock Garland


Cali Crochet Shamrock Garland ♣



While navigating my way through this exciting social media world, I stumbled upon this innovative blog named

(I need all the help I can get…my blog is in its infancy period).

I first checked out the podcast titled, “The 10 Secrets of Successful Blogging.” I found the podcast had an abundant amount of useful information, but the part that really made me happy was the free Crochet Shamrock Pattern with a “how to” video. Here is the link to the Crochet Shamrock Garland Pattern from .



Why don’t you make a crochet garland for St. Paddy’s Day? It’s simple, charming and green! The individual shamrocks are so easy to crochet; they each take less than 5 minutes to create. Even if your a beginner, go give it a try. I used a 5mm hook and some leftover Lily Sugar n’ Cream cotton yarn in Sage Green.





Cali Crochet Shamrock Garland ♣


Here is a St. Patrick’s Day joke for you…

How can you tell if a leprechaun is having a good time?

(He is Dublin over with laughter!)

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How 3 Young Men Used Their Crochet Skills to Change The Lives of 100’s of People

Krochet Kids / This is Empowerment

Krochet Kids / This is Empowerment

I truly believe in the power of people helping one another.  Here is proof! This is an uplifting  philanthropic story about a charity named, “Krochet Kids, International”.

Lion Brand Yarn has partnered up with Krochet Kids and will be donating  to this amazing cause that empowers women and lifts entire families out of poverty.

Click here watch the video that tells their inspiring story. (scroll down a little till you see the, “This is Empowerment” vimeo video)

Let’s support this great cause together!